Back and forth

Summer is saved. There will be less argument, more laughter. There will be less solitude, more togetherness. After months of begging, pleading and finally an ultimatum that it be completed by the time school is out and summer vacation begins, my husband built a swingset for the girls. And it is not just any run-of-the-mill backyard swingset made of painted steel or rickety sticks. This is a heavy-duty, made for adults to play on swingset that soars into the air. Luckily the tall pine trees surrounding the yard dwarf the swings’ majestic appearance. The girls are ecstatic. My husband is proud. MamaME-a? Pleased as punch. Now I can say, “Go outside and swing!” when they answer my pleas to fold laundry with, “I’m bored.”

Ahhh, summer. Back and forth, dilly-dally days of sunlight, raindrops, soaring temperatures, cool mornings and clouds in the sky. I welcome it with open arms … and pumping legs.


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