Paper or Plastic?

I recently opened a cupboard door and was accosted by a gazillion plastic grocery bags. You know … the ones you’re supposed to save for future use. I was recently scolded by someone who saw me throw a soda can in the garbage. And then my children started talking about recycling … specifically: “Mommy, why don’t we recycle?”

Why indeed?

I recycled in school. I recycled in college and at work. We recycle car batteries, tires, oil with every oil change and I shred office paper as an alternative to packing peanuts. Why don’t we, as a family, recycle? I suppose in part because we’re allowed to burn whatever it is we want out here in the country. No, don’t cringe. I know, I know … greenhouse gas, global warming, carbon footprints and such. Pardon me if I’m a little overwhelmed and understimulated. Especially after watching a recent episode on the Discovery Channel about the carbon footprint left by America’s cheeseburger consumption. Please! I am not going to live on lettuce leaves and tree bark. I’m a proud member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals. Telling me the world’s problems would be solved if we all stopped eating burgers seemed rather ridiculous. But back to my original dilemma.

We should recycle. Absolutely. The kids and I pulled some info from the Internet and got to work. First we talked about all the things we could recycle. Then we looked in our cupboards. We are contributing to the “green” movement without knowing it. Every box of cereal, oatmeal and cracker proudly stated it was made from 100% recycled material. Great! We’re halfway to making a contribution. We discovered our local recycling location accepts glass, plastic and newspaper. We designated some bins. We even started to fill them. It feels good.

I’m not a tree hugger (though I have hugged a few trees over the years). That said, we should all do our part. We should all strive to improve quality of life. It may be difficult from a governmental perspective, but we do still control what goes on at home. For the most part. So … recycle if you don’t already. Good for you if you already do! And hey, get rid of those horrible plastic grocery bags! The canvas totes are sturdier anyway. You can’t carry three gallons of milk in a plastic shopping bag.

Maybe I should get some canvas tote bags at Farmgirl Finds. Bright red canvas bags that say quirky things like, Farmgirls have it in the bag or Farmgirl livin’ green or Canvas is a farmgirl’s best friend or … something. I need to think on it. Not feeling particularly clever at the moment. Are you? Anyone have a cute slogan for the shop’s new line of stylish handbags? Send it to info at farmgirl finds dot com. If your slogan tickles my funnybone, I’ll use it … and send you a free tote bag and one for your favorite fellow farmgirl.

Well, time to go recycle again … yesterday’s Sunday dinner into tonight’s supper. Gotta save the planet, you know!


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