All in the family

Those marketing folks at L.L. Bean are brilliant. Truly. My new catalog arrived last weekend. There, on the cover, was my dog … not really my dog, but the canine in the jolly red scarf so closely resembled my dear departed Shelby that I could only stare. I did not peruse the catalog and make huge purchases, I’m sure that would disappoint those marketing gurus. I did decide it was time to find a new dog.

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you may have read my post about Shelby. My beloved black lab passed away in June. She’d been with me for 14 years … before my husband, kids and life as I know it now. She helped me finish college, get a job, move away, find new pursuits, and eventually I repaid her by getting married, buying her a bed of her own, and then filling the house will loud, crazy kids to harass her. She can’t be replaced, but it’s time to add someone new to our lives. L.L. Bean sparked my loneliness.

A quick Internet search discovered a shelter not far away with several black lab puppies available. And now, one short week after that ad lab with the big brown eyes implored me to endeavor, Libby has joined our lives. She’s seven weeks old, wears a pink polka-dot collar and gets the hiccoughs every evening. She’s sweet. She’s ornery. She’s not Shelby, but she is the cutest thing since!


Meet our new baby: Libby

Other news from the funny farm …
Marigold the goat is getting entirely too comfortable around here. She follows us around like a dog. She hangs out on the porch. One morning I opened the back door only to witness Daisy the dog and Marigold the goat both coming out of the dog house! The other afternoon I looked across the pasture to a scene that still sends me into shrieks of laughter. Picture it: Cara the Quarter Horse standing proudly in the sun while Butters the pony takes a siesta in the grass in front of her. Daisy the dog sits at attention close by. Marigold the goat is standing … standing! … on Butters’ back. And Butters seemed perfectly content. I don’t know many horses who let goats stand on them, but whatever. As long as the animals are happy, so am I!

Life on the funny farm ...

Life on the funny farm ...

Well, hubby is cutting wood. Farm boy is farming … and I need to clean up a cookie baking mess and then throw in a load of laundry before Sunday supper at church. We’re eating soup and sandwiches and then out for Christmas caroling. Aahhh, fun, fun. Hope you found a little bit of holiday spirit this weekend!
I need a tractor upgrade!

I need a tractor upgrade!


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