There is nothing like the scenic route to tame our inner wild. Barefoot frolics in knee-high grass are good for the soul. Outdoor antics with giggling children feed the spirit. Literary pursuits under a shade tree invigorate the mind. Intimate hand-in-hand strolls through pastures at twilight strengthen foundations. How do I know?

I’m a 30-something Midwestern farm girl. Married for 10 years. Mother of three. Formally educated. Career woman turned telecommuter at motherhood, day one. Travel agent, landscaper, gardener, head chef, recreation director and child care afficionado. Overseer of one family, 17 steers, two horses, 11 hens, one dog, two cats, three fish and one goat. Antiques shop proprietor. Church pianist. Volunteer. Neighbor. Friend. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mother.

What wisdom can I impart?
A point of contention, dependent on who you ask. I can, however, share these two truths from other strong women:

Well behaved women rarely make history.

The best way to avoid housework is to live outside.


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